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News of the Day

On a Roll

jelly rollsWe are on a roll with jelly rolls!  We have Moda's new Grunge Jelly Roll, their ever-popular blender in all kinds of bright colors.  Chloe's Closet, a Moda design house, has delivered jelly rolls of "30's Playtime" fabrics, so if you love the cheerful hues and small-scale designs of the 1930's-1950's reproduction prints, you'll be supplied.  We've also got a lovely collection of 2-1/2" strips from Windham in shades of browns, beiges, and creams - called "Butter Pecan."   In addition to the many strip rolls that we get from manufacturers, Threads of Time cuts our own coordinated ensembles.  Check out our "Polka Dance," "Summer Shimmer," "Checkerboard Garden" and "Australian Outback," just to name a few! 

private parlor logoPrivate Parlor

Retreaters Rejoice!  If you are a group that prefers private conversations and sedate surroundings with just a few of your friends, then you will LOVE the exclusive Private Parlor we're adding to the Threads and Beds Retreat Center.  This totally renovated area has the same, roomy, custom-designed sewing tables that you love, PLUS it has all new luxury Koala sewing chairs. It's got its own private kitchen facility, Keurig machine, and lovely, Southern-parlor decor.  The cost for this room is $60.00 per night for 6 to 8 people.   Existing reservations for small groups of 6-8 may be changed to the Private Parlor if you desire, and we are now taking bookings for the space beginning on May 1st, 2014.  Call Shanna at 217-431-9202.